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Now is the time to visit Stingray City

Updated: 2 days ago

Stingray City remains a highly sought-after tourist attraction in the Caribbean, and it is currently accessible to guests arriving on several airlines such as Cayman Airways, West Jet, British Airways, and American Airlines.

If you are planning to visit the Cayman Islands by cruise ship or airline, we recommend making a reservation with us today at As a result of the COVID scenario, our operations are currently operating at approximately 30% of our normal capacity, which is advantageous for our clients.

This trip is ideal for families seeking an adventurous experience during their holiday in the Cayman Islands. It is advisable to bring a cooler containing snacks and beverages for personal consumption, along with a waterproof camera to document distinctive experiences.

The departure station is located a short five-minute drive away from the Westin, Ritz Carlton, and Marriott hotels on Seven Mile Beach. Additionally, we are conveniently located within close proximity to the Holiday Inn resort, making it easily accessible by foot.

This is an ideal starting point for individuals who have a fear of untamed creatures.

At Stingray City, you will be accompanied by proficient and knowledgeable guides that possess extensive expertise in interacting and working with stingrays, acquired from years of experience in the environment.

Experience the phenomenon that has captivated visitors to the Cayman Islands. Including Stingray City in your trip plans will make it a splendid and pleasurable experience for you and your family.


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