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How Stingray City Started

Stingray City in the Cayman Islands started on a shallow sandbank in the North Sound


In contrast to the prevalent belief, stingrays are not the perilous creatures that have been portrayed. The stingrays at Stingray City have become increasingly accustomed to human interaction as a result of their proximity to fishermen over the course of many years. The fishermen used to dispose of their unused conch and squid flesh on a nearby sandbar, which led them to associate the sound of incoming boats with being fed. In the 1980s, divers maintained the tradition of enjoyable interactions with the stingrays by providing them with analogous meals in the water, resulting to the now tame southern stingrays.

The stingrays are no longer in dread of humans and are more than willing to socialize as a result of the numerous years of human interaction. The historic sandbar, where mariners initially began unwittingly feeding these underwater creatures, has become home to southern stingrays, some of which can grow to be over 5 feet wide and 150 pounds.

These gentle giants, who were once feared by many, have earned a reputation for the beauty, compassion, and awe they evoke in all who witness them.
The promontory was given the name "Stingray City" due to the substantial number of stingrays that inhabit it.

Stingray City, located in the Cayman Islands, is a highly sought-after tourist destination in the Caribbean. It provides families with the unforgettable opportunity to swim with these stunning underwater creatures in their natural environment.
Even if swimming is not your forte, you can still wade down the sandbar and observe the stingrays as they merrily swim and relish their tranquil existence beneath the surface.

Our charters offer complimentary fish treats for those who are willing to feed the stingrays directly from their palms. The stingrays enjoy playing and being fed, which makes human interaction a daily delight, as more than 1,500 visitors visit Stingray City each day during peak season. Visitors have reported returning repeatedly to witness the stingrays' underwater world, which is characterized by its awe-inspiring beauty and enigmatic nature.

Stingray City is situated in the northwest corner of the North Sound, near Rum Point, off the coast of Grand Cayman.
Grand Cayman, the largest of the three British-ruled islands, is a 76-square-mile Caribbean paradise that boasts award-winning beaches, crystal-clear water, and white sand that will captivate you and make you never want to leave.
The Caribbean's sunny days are perfect for spending a morning or afternoon in the ocean, where you can make pals with stingrays, as the water is warm year-round at 70 degrees.

The Cayman Islands are situated approximately 170 miles northwest of Jamaica and 480 miles south of the Florida coast.
Stingray City is a vacation destination that is highly sought after and has been rated as one of the best attractions in the Caribbean by Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet.
To reserve an excursion to the park, please visit for additional details on how to plan your perfect vacation.

Our exceptional tour operators will provide all necessary snorkeling equipment and fish treats to feed the stingrays on the majority of charters.
A tutorial will be provided to individuals who have never snorkeled before, providing them with the necessary information to ensure their safety and maximize their first snorkeling experience. Please be advised that the number of passengers and the weather conditions determine the scheduling of all excursions.

At Stingray City, your security is our foremost concern. Our team of experts, who are both highly trained and experienced, will furnish you with the necessary safety guidelines for interacting with and feeding the stingrays, as well as any additional information you may require.
Stingray conservation guidelines have been implemented by the Cayman Islands government, necessitating compliance with stringent regulations.
Our experienced personnel will provide you with the necessary information to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience while adhering to government regulations and remaining safe.
Everyone at Stingray City looks forward to your arrival in the near future!
We hope to see you soon, from everyone at Stingray City! for more information relating to your next planned trip to the Cayman Islands.

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