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Trip to Stingray City

Creating Quality Fun Services for You! That’s why we’re passionate about Stingray City.



Stingray City during your trip to Cayman

Visitors to the Cayman Islands have the ideal entryway to Stingray City and surrounding attractions. We provide private and shared packages, along with free shuttle service from hotels and cruise ships.In addition, we also On request, snorkeling on the stunning Coral Reef can be added any your package. Additionally, we may design a private charter for your family or group. The ultimate personalized adventure is here! Let's discuss the specifics of your ideal trip in more depth.

Do you desire a romantic tour? Want to win over your family and friends? Want to throw a special wedding or birthday celebration? Let our hardworking staff of experts handle all the planning. Food and beverages are provided. With just 48 hours' notice, we can organize the complete event for you.
Making your vacation a once-in-a-lifetime adventure is what we're all about, whether it's for a romantic getaway, a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, or a retirement party! Together, we'll make sure everything is flawless. You only have to unwind and have fun! Save up to 30% when you reserve your next Stingray City Tour through our website.


Uniqueness of Stingray City Sandbar

In the Cayman Islands, Stingray City is a unique landmark. It is regarded as a top exotic location for people looking for a distinctive and unusual adventure and has been highlighted in numerous international Travel and Leisure magazines. This tour must be taken, without a doubt!
There are occasionally more than fifty stingrays living on the small sand bar. At the sand bar, stingrays weigh roughly 150 lbs. and measure about five feet in width. Charter boats carrying about 1500 visitors to the park every day leave from various ports along Seven Mile Beach.


Swimming at Stingray City
Our Philosophy

We promise that your visit to Stingray City will be exciting, instructive, and fun for the whole family.
Our guiding principle is that visitors should have the chance to swim safely alongside wild stingrays.
Our crew will instruct you on how to swim safely with the rays during our 20-minute voyage out to the stingrays.
We will also discuss how to treat these magnificent creatures with care, provide them nutritious food, and express gratitude for their company.
You will learn how to have a safe journey from our tour guides.

Our Passion

Our passion is giving every guest the chance to interact with and feed wild stingrays in the water.
It's uncommon to go swimming with rays, and for some people, coming into contact with a stingray can completely alter their lives.
We work hard to inform our visitors about the importance of southern stingrays and how to interact with them safely.
We are concerned for both the stingrays' and all of our visitors' safety.
There are no fences enclosing the park, thus the rays there are wild and free.
It's a very precious moment when they choose to spend it with us.

Our Vision

A valuable asset of the Cayman Islands is Stingray City.
Our goal is to educate short-term visitors about the sand bar's protection and to guarantee that friendly stingrays will continue to exist for many generations to come.


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