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Tour duration 2.5 to 3.0 hours - Two Stops

The Turtle Farm Tour is for individuals who want to get up up and personal with juvenile green turtles while exploring the breeding facility, which also includes a hatchery and an educational center.
Visitors can touch juvenile green turtles while taking close-up photos with family and friends after seeing some of the largest green turtles in the Caribbean.

The journey begins at the Royal Watler Terminal and concludes at the Turtle Farm for an hour and a half interaction, during which tourists will learn about several turtle species and their life cycles.
Don't leave without snapping a photo of yourself with one of the touch tank's baby turtles.


Turtle Farm Map

Turtle Farm Video

Adults: $55.00      Kids: $45.00
Turtle Centre in Grand Cayman
Visitors at the Turtle Centre


Lage Green Turte in Grand Cayman
Tickets to the Turtle Centre
Hold young turtle
600 lbs. Green Turtle
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