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Adults USD $125.00 Kids USD $99

Departure times: 09:00 AM (recommended)   & 10:00 AM

Top picked tour for 2019  


This excursion offers a land and water adventure that is an experience unlike any other in the Caribbean and perfect for families, large groups, couples, or solo visitors. Stingray City is located within the barrier reefs that surround the island and is a shallow sandbar populated by different species of fish and most famously, the friendly southern stingrays. Trained guides will show you how to feed and even kiss these giant magnificent creatures. Our crystal clear waters offer one of the most thrilling experiences at our Coral Gardens and Starfish Snorkel where water depths are about 8 to 10 feet. Visitors get to explore and capture images of our coral reefs and colorful marine life before proceeding to have a close encounter with starfish. Turtle Center and Lagoon Swim are where you will get the opportunity to handle turtles in touch tanks as well as swimming with turtles and different species of fish in the lagoon. It is a vacation adventure you don't want to miss.


The highlights of the tour include:

  • Pick up and drop off at the cruise ship terminal and local resorts.

  •  A trip on our vessel to Stingray City.

  •  Feeding and playing with some of the largest southern rays in the Caribbean.

  • A visit to Coral Gardens.

  • Feeding and capturing images of sea creatures at Coral Gardens.

  • Stop at Starfish Point on a desolate beach.

  • A close encounter with starfish.

  • Snorkel on of the Caribbean's top turtle lagoon with green turtles and various species of marine life.

  • Suitable for kids of all ages.


Important information*

  • Duration: 5.5 hrs.

  • Operates: Sun-Mon (Close on Good Friday and New Year's Day)

  • Departure times: 09:00 & 10:00

  • FREE shuttle from cruise ship terminal and local resorts

Turtle Center Attractions


  • Turtle Lagoon

  • Touch Turtle Tanks

  • Predator Coral Reef

  • Smiley's Croc Cove

  • Free Flight to the Caribbean Aviary

  • Dry Playground Lagoon

  • The Educational Facility and Hatchery

  • Blue Hole Nature Trail

  • Cayman Avenue

  • The Schooner's Bar & Grill

  • Turtle Twister Waterslide

  • The Butterfly Residence

  • Green’s Breeding Ponds

  • Splash Gift Shop

  • Turtle Wading Hole

This tour requires a minimum of 5.5 hours to complete and is perfect for resort visitors and guests arriving by cruise ship with a minimum of 8 hours in port. We strongly recommend taking a camera on this tour. 

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