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Lagoon swim - Access to touch tanks, educational center, breeding grounds, aviary, nature trail, lagoon (vest and snorkel gear provided), shark tank, water slide, beach section and relaxation center.

Highlight of Lagoon Swim:

Access to one of the best snorkeling lagoons in Cayman, Anchors Restaurant, bird aviary, a water park with water slide, beach chairs, and shark viewing tank. Package includes the entire park, which ranges from the breeding tank, touch tank and educational center. Lockers available by request at the main entrance.

Important information*

  • Duration: 5.0 hrs.

  • Operates: Mon - Sun

  • Departure times: 09:00, 10:00 (Lagoon closes 2:30 PM)

  • FREE shuttle from cruise ship terminal and local resorts.

Turtle Center Attractions


  • Turtle Lagoon

  • Touch Turtle Tanks

  • Predator Coral Reef

  • Smiley's Croc Cove

  • Free Flight to the Caribbean Aviary

  • Dry Playground Lagoon

  • The Educational Facility and Hatchery

  • Blue Hole Nature Trail

  • Cayman Avenue

  • The Schooner's Bar & Grill

  • Turtle Twister Waterslide

  • The Butterfly Residence

  • Green’s Breeding Ponds

  • Splash Gift Shop

  • Turtle Wading Hole


(Full access)

(Lagoon closes 2:30 PM)

Tour duration 5.0 hours - Three Stops

Adults $110.00  Kids $99.00 (OFFLINE)

This is an excellent tour for families with children.
On the water, there are two great attractions, while on land, there is one incredible close-up encounter.
You will be transported from Safe Haven to Stingray City Sandbar via the North Sound, where you will be guided in feeding and playing with the southern stingrays.

You will travel from Stingray City Sandbar to Coral Gardens, where you will be equipped with snorkeling equipment and life preservers to ensure that you have a fantastic experience.
You'll be led through the process of feeding numerous sea creatures.
You'll also have the chance to photograph Cayman's breathtaking coral reefs.

The Turtle Farm and Lagoon Swim, which takes about an hour and a half to complete, is the final destination.
This tour will allow you to interact with turtles in touch tanks as well as swim with turtles and various fish species in the lagoon.
Anchors Restaurant, which is adjacent to the lagoon, also serves fresh and wonderful food.


Tour highlights:

  •  Suitable for families with kids.

  • A trip on our vessel to Stingray City.

  • Feeding and playing with some of the largest southern rays in the Caribbean.

  • Visit Coral Gardens.

  • Feeding and capturing images of sea creatures at Coral Gardens.

  • Last stop at Turtle Farm and Lagoon Swim with access to the waterside and other attractions.


Turtle Farm Map

Turtle Farm Video

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