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Stingray City Cayman Islands Tours and Excursions



A wide angle shot of a smiling stingray swimming towards and over the underwater camera at

Stingray City, Coral Gardens, and Starfish
USD $69 Adults  USD $59 Kids

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Snorkel gear is available for free, and bottles of water and soda are provided.

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Daily excursions to Stingray City Sandbar are available seven days a week

Excursions to Stingray City Sandbar and Starfish Point are available everyday. We provide a free shuttle service that connects the George Town Cruise Ship Port Terminal and Seven Mile Beach Resorts to our tour departure station. Each tour package includes complimentary snorkeling equipment and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages. Analyze the factors contributing to the extensive acclaim of Stingray City Cayman Islands, the foremost excursion provider in the Cayman Islands.


We offer complimentary shuttle services to and from the Seven Mile Beach resorts and the cruise ship port terminal.


Our establishment is situated at the port terminal, serving specifically to cruise ship visitors. Additionally, we are conveniently located at the Safe Haven Marina, providing easy access for passengers who choose to drive to our location. Pickup service is provided at all resorts located on Seven Mile Beach.

Cruise ship passengers can find us at the Royal Watler Terminal


Free shuttle from/to port and Seven Mile Beach resorts

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Complimentary sodas and water are provided, along with snorkeling gear

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Stingray City, Starfish & Snorkel Tour.webp


Our Stingray City, Coral Gardens (Reef Snorkel), and Starfish excursion, which has been named one of the best tours for cruise ship and resort visitors, offers an adventure unlike any other, yet is suitable for people of all ages. The tour's highlights include a beautiful reef snorkel at Coral Gardens, waist-deep water snorkeling with stingrays, and starfish Point on Cayman Kai's tip. This tour is one of our most popular experiences, and it tends to sell out during peak season.

9 am and  12 pm  (Mon - Sun)

  • Stingray City 60 minutes

  • Reef Snorkel 40 minutes

  • Starfish Point 30 minutes


REG. USD $69adults $59kids

Stingray City Cayman Islands - Best tours in the Cayman Islands.


One of the greatest trips for travelers who want to get the most out of their visit to Stingray City, Coral Garden, Starfish Point, and Turtle Lagoon. This tour includes access to the entire park, including the lagoon with mid-size green turtles and hundreds of fish species, the shark tank, the turtle touch tank, the bird sanctuary, water slides, and beach chairs, as well as the shark tank, the turtle touch tank, the bird sanctuary, and the shark tank. Prior to the Turtle Center adventure, the tour includes a visit to Stingray City, Starfish Point, and Coral Garden. On-site dining and a gift shop are also offered.​

9 am   (Mon - Sun)

  • Stingray City 60 minutes

  • Coral Gardens 40 minutes

  • Starfish Point 30 Minutes

  • Turtle Lagoon 90 minutes


USD $125adults $99kids

Stingray City in the Cayman Islands - Kissing a stingray for seven years of good luck_edit


Visitors will be awestruck by the size of green turtles at the Turtle Centre and enormous stingrays surfing the sandbar known as Stingray City as they navigate some of Cayman's top attractions. Grand Cayman is noted for having some of the world's largest green turtles, with some females measuring more than 620 pounds. This is the world's only facility of its kind, with an annual release schedule in place.

9 am   (Mon - Sun)

  • Stingray City 60 minutes

  • Coral Gardens 40 minutes

  • Turtle Center 45 minutes

  • (Starfish added on selected days


USD $99adults $89kids

Green Turtle in the Cayman Islands - Cayman Turtle Centre and Stingray City Tours


Stingray City, Coral Garden, and Turtle Lagoon tours are available for those who want to spend more time in the water. This package includes access to the full park, which includes snorkeling in the lagoon with mid-size green turtles and hundreds of other fish species, a shark tank, a turtle touch tank, a bird sanctuary, a water slide, and beach chairs. Prior to the Turtle Center adventure, the tour includes a visit to Stingray City and Coral Gardens. The Turtle Center's restaurant and gift shop are now available to the public. (CURRENTLY NOT OPERATING)

9 am and10 am   (Mon - Sun)

  • Stingray City 60 minutes

  • Coral Gardens 40 minutes

  • Turtle Lagoon 90 minutes


USD $109adults $92kids

Stingray City and Seven Mile Beach in Gand Cayman after a Stingray City adventure

STINGRAY CITY, REEF SNORKEL, STARFISH & BEACH (Perfect for cruise ship visitors)

The Cayman Islands are noted for their sandy beaches and stingrays, which are two of the tour's highlights. The tour begins at George Town's major cruise ship terminal and continues to Stingray City and Coral Gardens. Finally, guests may rest and enjoy one of Cayman's most pristine beaches at Seven Mile Beach. Visitors can also get food and drinks from a neighboring beach restaurant, which also rents out beach chairs and umbrellas for a fee. This excursion is ideal for passengers arriving by cruise liner.

9 am and 12 pm   (Mon - Sun)

  • Stingray City 60 minutes

  • Coral Gardens 40 minutes

  • Starfish Point 30 minutes

  • Beach 60 minutes

  • TOUR DURATION: 4.5 - 5.0 HRS.

USD $79adults $66kids

Stingray City sandbar in the Cayman Islands


Our tour of Stingray City and Coral Gardens is unmatched and ideal for all age groups; it's been named one of the best excursions for resort and cruise ship visitors. The tour's high point is snorkeling at Coral Gardens, where the participants can only go up to their waists in the sea. Like many other trips, this one fills up rapidly and sells out during high seasons.There is a shuttle service available from the Royal Watler Terminal to the nearby Seven Mile Beach resorts. You can reserve this tour and meet us at the Safe Haven Marina on Seven Mile Beach if you are a visitor residing anywhere on the island of Grand Cayman.

9 am and 12 pm  (Mon - Sun)

  • Stingray City 70 minutes

  • Coral Gardens 30 minutes


USD $58adults $52kids

Stingray City Cayman Islands - Tours and excursions to Stingray City in Grand Cayman .jpg.

Friendly and kind guides with big smiles

Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime excursion to discover some of the Cayman Islands' most popular sites. Stingray City, Starfish Point, and one of the greatest snorkeling spots in the North Sound along the barrier reefs are included in our tours. Some of the most skilled and experienced crew members the Cayman Islands have to offer round out our tours. We take pleasure in being the best company when it comes to choosing a tour in the Cayman Islands because of our years of experience with stingrays. Our Grand Cayman Stingray City excursion is unlike any other, with a crew made up entirely of locals who are well-versed in vessel safety and operation. Each member of the crew has at least fifteen years of expertise and education in safely handling stingrays, as well as a thorough grasp of each species' behavior. Stingrays are not all alike, and each one has its own distinct personality. With years of experience working on the sandbar, we can assure customers of an enjoyable and safe experience. Join us on one of our expeditions and meet some of Cayman's nicest citizens, who have called Stingray City home for the past 50 years. After your Stingray City Tour, look us up and leave a review of your experience.



If you're searching for a unique and exhilarating experience when visiting Grand Cayman, Stingray City is a must-see. It's a wide sandbar surrounded by barrier reefs that's home to a variety of fish and, most notably, stingrays. The fact that the southern stingrays that inhabit the area are exceedingly friendly makes Stingray City the most popular activity on the island. These massive sea creatures are so accustomed to human interaction that they allow people to feed, play with, pet, and photograph them. It's a Caribbean adventure unlike any other!

Stingray City is a 25-minute boat journey from the beach and a fantastic destination for families, couples, and lone visitors. Head to the sandbar, where the shallow water only reaches 3-4 feet, for a more relaxed experience. You can have as much fun as you want with the stingrays here. You can also try one of the Turtle Center's snorkel tours if you want a more exhilarating experience. Any of our Stingray City Tours can be supplemented with visits to Starfish Point, Coral Garden, and the Turtle Center.

It's easy to see why visitors come to Grand Cayman's Stingray City, which boasts crystal clear water and one of the most close encounters you'll ever have with wild stingrays. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you won't want to pass up while on vacation in the Cayman Islands. Take part in the fun by booking one of our Stingray City Tours. Join us as we explore a new world filled with friendly stingrays!

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