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Space & Comfort (Stingray City or Fishing Adventure)

Tour Duration 4.0 hours - Multi Stops

Our Space and Comfort Tour offer 1/2 and full-day excursions to multiple destinations filled with freedom and pleasure. Visitors can decide destinations before departure or during the tour. Vessels are equipped with air-conditioning, light snacks, drinks, and snorkel gear. Destinations include Stingray City, Starfish Snorkel, Barrier Reef, Coral Garden, and Rum Point.


Vessels comprise the outer deck, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and large indoor seating area. Visitors can bring along prepared food or request service from one of our selected vendors. The excursion includes all necessary snorkel gear, shuttle service, and feed for stingrays.

Space and Comfort Tour starts at US $1,880.00 (group of 12 max)

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